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  • When there is a fire crackling somewhere, with hot coals glowing warmly, a piece of firm red meat or a fresh fish sizzling on the grill, that is the moment when we are filled with cosiness and fascination. And it is precisely this that is the theme of the “theresa” restaurant!

    Meat that is matured to perfection, from the healthiest and most relaxed cattle, pigs and lambs straight out of the glass-walled refrigerated warehouse; silvery glimmering fish, the “catch of the day” and everything grilled over pure beech charcoal. 

  • But this urban restaurant is even more than that:
    Inspired by the numerous museums and galleries in the immediate neighbourhood and the visitors and artists from all over the world, the menu is naturally cosmopolitan: There are French Fine de Claire oysters, homemade ravioli or organic hamburgers. And during the weekends, you can sit at the show cooking station and watch the chef rustle up freshly baked cakes ...

  • ... or prepare sandwiches and homemade muesli for breakfast. You can enjoy beer specialities by Spaten and Becks, specially selected wines, as well as long drinks and cocktails on their own. Without any food! Which would of course be a mistake!